The Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System Prevents

*The Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System is the adaptation of the well-known Track & Trace System into the pharmaceutical industry. This system enables to define the locations of the products in the supply and distribution chain. It is possible with the help of the electronic product code to track each transaction of the drugs in the supply chain beginning from the production or importation. Accordingly, with the help of DataMatrix printed on the drug packages, it is possible to report the incoming and outgoing of the products, so that the last location, time and status of the product can be saved and stored in a live data source.

There are lots of problems across the globe, which make it necessary to track drugs and medical devices for safety reasons, thus the overall tendency all around the world is that these products need to be traceable. Currently in much of the world various studies are being done in order to provide the traceability of medicinal products and various other countries are watching the process with intent to adapt the most successful system in their home countries. It is a matter of fact that the Ministry’s project of Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System brought to reality as the first in its fashion is carefully examined by many other countries. Every day many support requests are received from numerous countries in order to apply the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System, which successfully serves in Turkey.

As in other places of the world, there had also been a great reaction in Turkey against the drug fraud and counterfeit drugs. News on drug packages and places of production of the smuggled drugs caught by the police abused the trust of the citizens dramatically. It became a necessity to extricate the drugs from this insecure environment and bring them back to their old secure positions. As a consequence, the Ministry of Health set up the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System and put it into action throughout the country in 2010.

Drugs need to be tracked from each point they go through. This  can be called as genealogizing the drugs. The genealogizing of drugs is of utmost importance in terms of both for providing the reliability of drugs and revealing the primary sources of drugs fraud. For this reason, it is necessary to supervise continuously in all steps, in which situation the drugs are, the place of production of the drugs, the warehouses and logistic vehicles. Thus, it is possible to prevent the illegal sale of drugs and the sale of counterfeit and smuggled drugs. Besides, drugs may be recalled by the manufacturers if necessary or they may be withdrawn from the market by the public authority as it is possible to track the state of stock.

The most important goal of the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System is that the “patient safety” is assured. As a result of the data analysing gathered by the system, which plays an important role in improving the patient safety, breaches of patient safety are to be set and works are to be done in order to prevent to reemergence of such insecure environment, so that safe access to drugs can be provided and the reliance for drugs is to be preserved.

 The Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System Prevents:

The sale of counterfeit drugs threatening the health of the citizens,

The sale of smuggled drugs,

Packaging and barcode scams,

Unpacked drugs from becoming unusable due to drop and breakage,

It enables the recalling of the whole batch of drugs, any side effects of which are detected, from the market,

It provides the process of rational drug use,

It provides data on the drug market,

It helps to solve the problems between the pharmacies and the reimbursement institutions,

It improves the patient safety in terms of pharmacovigilance in other words patient safety,

It assures the patient.

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